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How cute! My illustration & this lovely catkeeping each other company. joellekat

This illustration was a graduation present for the lovely Joelle Panis, from her big sister Kirstie. I included some characteristics about Joelle in this image, like her cute animals and her love for singing, because besides she just graduated from journalism, she also has an amazing voice! That girl can sing!


NSMBL – Citygirl

A while ago I was asked to design a limited edition agenda cover for follow NSMBL.
It would be an agenda for teens with the theme Citygirl.
Unfortunately the limited edition couldn’t get published at the last moment, but since we were all so happy with the result, I couldn’t resist sharing. view the agenda cover HERE


behind the scenes



Styling job for Nuvita BV, assisting photographer Berry Poelen with his photoshoot assignment with some creative input. More about this project soon…

interactive table-cloth dress


Working on a new project: Interactive Fashion, for my graduation.
My first experiment, a coloring page table-cloth that you can turn into a dress afterwards
Let the graduation begin!